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Rapid and quantum changes in technology (the way we do things) have redefined and challenged our conceptions about schools, teaching and learning. The old school of thought that content, knowledge and teachers are scarce is now obsolete.
Today, the world carries the sum of human knowledge and access to millions of potential teachers on the go, in its pocket. There is a great need to understand new global contexts with particular reference to personal, professional and socio-cultural perspectives and value systems.

Today we need classrooms where

  • Learning is directed by dialogue, exploration, reflection and discovery

  • The teacher takes on the role of mentor and facilitator

  • Technology and multimedia provide unique opportunities for interactive, collaborative learning and efficient and effective assessment

  • Learning goes beyond content mastery and places an equal emphasis on value based thinking, attitudes and action



Globalization and the digital revolution, Skyrocketing parental expectations, Competition amongst schools all demand greater efficiency and accountability from the school management and teachers.

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”Career development” is the buzz phrase today. While in-service training strengthens core abilities of teachers, Osmosys® offers career growth opportunities through the development of generic professional skills.

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As we push the frontiers of knowledge and experience we also create for ourselves a whole new paradigm for life and living. We need to prepare our learners for a world beyond the classroom.

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We face new challenges as school leaders, teachers and parents, in ensuring the idea of school remains relevant in the networked world in which our students will live.
Each one of us, as organizations and people, must challenge our own thinking and learning practice. We need to rethink our roles; fundamentally redefine our value as places and people that facilitate learning, and thereby prepare our students for their futures.

Time and Space are no longer barriers to learning. Osmosys® offers a blended learning model that ensures optimum utilization of human potential (brick & mortar) and time. It combines interactive brick and mortar orientation/training sessions, with virtual classrooms and programme notes, where online support through assignments, feedback and suggested follow up actions help to reinforce and sustain new learning.

Osmosys® offers educators opportunities to acquire new skills as well as flexible mindsets that encourages adaptability and new learning..



With schools moving towards wired, digital classrooms, the understanding of human-technology Interaction in classrooms and school management has never been so important.

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‘Our children will live in a globally competitive knowledge society. 21st century skills of self direction, critical thinking, creativity and quality thinking are key to living and working in emerging global contexts.

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With globalization came revolutionary changes in communication and media that have irrevocably changed social dynamics. Today, parenting is no longer what it used to be. Preparing our children for their futures is a challenge.

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