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Brain Based Learning Models

Whole Brain Teaching is an instructional approach that is geared towards developing both hemispheres of the brain- the left and the right .The learner makes connections that tap both brain hemispheres and thus, learners create more associations and links and thus, strengthen learning. Creating lesson plans on whole brain development methodologies is very exciting and it results in higly interactive classroom dynamics,where there is infinite scope for variety.
Adaptations of a largely popular whole brain development methodology called 4 Mat has been popularized by Osmosys® . In this methodology, which follows 8 steps,learners engage in active and interactive ways, moving from knowledge acquisition to making creative adaptation of material learned.

Lesson Plans created by teachers trained in Whole Brain Teaching

Brains Smart ways


Brains Smart ways


Brains Smart ways


Brains Smart ways


Brains Smart ways

The Multiple Intelligence Lesson Plan

Everyone learns in different ways using their own distinctive intelligence profiles. Knowing this, and how they learn, helps in developing lesson plans and learning strategies that suit every learner.
Advocates of whole brain learning believe that it is possible to apply the use of all MI across a concept/topic/idea. Extending the ability to relate and apply a concept in multiple ways contribute significantly to Whole Brain Development. It develops the abilty to introspect, visualze, analyze, synthesize and create all at the same time!
There are many ways to incorporate the theory of Multiple Intelligences into the curriculum. Some teachers set up learning centres with resources and materials that promote involving the different intelligences. Others use instructional models, such as activity or project-based and collaborative learning that call for the application of Multiple Intelligences.

Brains Smart ways
Academic Quality Management System

A scientifically aligned Teaching – Learning and Resource Management System optimizes resources and promotes greater efficiency in the functioning of the school as an organization. It also ensures improved teaching and better learning. The large canvas of Quality Processes can be grouped as Core Academic, Resource Optimization and Core Quality Processes.

Brains Smart ways

Quality Objectives Sample - Inventure Academy – Bangalore

My Career Vision’ - Report