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With the ushering in of the digital age, schools have been urged by visionaries and advocates of technology to become wired classrooms with globally connected digital tools or to even become laptop schools! Interestingly too, technology based learning is increasingly being perceived by Schools Managements and parents as a hallmark of quality instruction.
Installing expensive high maintenance technology without first clarifying purpose, value, or strategy, will not deliver what we expect it to; namely, enhanced student performance. The prime users of this powerful medium, both teachers and students, need to understand both the power and the traps of technology. They must be able to use it judiciously, marrying the tool to its purpose, creating interventions that are practical and which augment the teaching learning process.

Today as we move towards wired, digital classrooms, we need to be aware of:

  • the possibilities and the limitations of ‘teacher- and-technology interactions’ in our ICT-infused societies
  • their effect on education and education management
  • the issues and challenges of deployment of the various available technologies
  • Osmoteq offers schools various programmes that provide:
    1. Technology solutions based on needs and budgets, and 2. Training in technology aided instruction.

    Face to Face Training

    Web Based Training







    Infusing Technology




    Technology Aided Instruction - Teaching in the Digital Age:

    Harnessing the power of technology as a learning and networking tool.

     » Awareness of digital resources/tools and their applications

     » Need based selection of technology interventions

     » Managing digital resources

    6 - 8 Months


    Technology Planning

     » Needs Analysis & Customized Technology Plans 

     » Training in technology utilization and integration in teaching  

     » Technology Utilization Monitoring System

    4 Months


    Technology Utilization Audit

    » Studying the school technology resources, utilization & impact on student learning

     » Developing improved Technology Utilization Plan – aligning teaching methods to suit existing technology Interface and empowering teachers to follow plan

     » Technology Utilization Monitoring System

    3 Months