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The environments in which teachers work, and the demands placed upon them by society are becoming increasingly complex. Teachers need to equip themselves with a wide array of methodology, communication , personality development and management skills, besides more advanced subject knowledge, to be able to prepare their learners for success in the 21st century. The presence of the omnipresent and all-knowing web- the ‘e- guru’- gives teachers a lot to compete with, in keeping their knowledge up to- date. Some targeted skills are:

Teachers,today, are faced with the daunting challenge of :creating well organized,‘Quality’ lessons , perfecting their delivery and monitoring progress of learning in every student! In such a scenario, skill up- gradation of teachers is a matter of utmost urgency and significance.

1. a basket of powerful pedgagogic tools and best practices that would augment their planning and delivery of lessons,
2. abilities to incorporate Quality and Management strategies in the classroom
3. capacity for good communication
4. an array of personal management tools.

Some targeted skills are:

  • Design & Implementation - scientific, learner centric and quality teaching-learning sessions for the 21st century classroom
  • Reflective Practices - ability to evaluate both their lesson planning and delivery
  • Lifelong Learning - drive to enhance and update professional skills and understanding

    Face to Face Training

    Web Based Training






    Sessions –Hrs – Months


    Smart Teacher Series


    The Complete Teaching kit

    »Scientific Curriculum Planning: Outcome Based Plans

    »Teaching Resource Management: identifying and using suitable

      Teaching-Learning Aids/Resources

    »Facilitating Learning: Teaching-Learning Strategies for Whole

      Brain Development, Interdisciplinary Learning, Learner Centric

      Active Learning Classrooms and managing large classrooms

    »Authentic Assessment: A basket of questioning tools based on

      learner profiles and aligning assessment to CCE

    8 Sessions 24  hrs  5 Months


    Smart Teacher Series


    Personalized Learning Design

    »Understanding the concept and structure of personalized learning Developing

    »Differentiated/Personalized Teaching Plans

    »Differentiated Assessment: Personalized Assessment & Reporting Plans

    »Prepares teachers to use 12 interesting methodologies and 12 effective evaluation techniques in the class room.

    8 Sessions 24  hrs  5 Months


    Managing 21st Century Classrooms

    » Behaviour Management: relating to & managing students

    »Quality in the Classroom: using quality tools in class, managing time, work, space and resources in the class room

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months


    The Quality Teacher

    »Reflective Practices: self assessment strategies to help teachers assess and improve their own teaching

    »Auditing the Teaching Learning System: understanding &   monitoring curriculum coherence

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months


    The 21st Century Teacher

     » 8 Habits of Highly Effective 21st Century Teachers – Going beyond ‘Instruction’

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months


    The Teacher @ Work

     » Performance-oriented skills for the Teacher: collaboration and

       team work, attitude and time management, ethics of work place

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months


    The Teacher Mentor

     »Remedial Teaching & Progress Charting: developing personalized

       remedial strategies, tracking and monitoring performance

     » Pastoral Care: developing Counselling skills in teachers

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months

    Subject Focus Series



     »Creating effective and creative learning contexts: Strategies

       include Grammar Games, Appreciating Literature, New Age 

       Reading, Imagination Based Learning, Vocabulary, Phonetics,

      Graphic Organizers, Differentiated English Classroom

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months



     » Creating effective and creative learning contexts:
        Strategies include:
    Language Of Maths, Math For All (Differentiated

        Math Classroom)  , Hands On (Effective Math Tools), Math

        Matters (simple, low cost teaching aids)

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months



     »Creating effective and creative learning contexts:
        Strategies include:
       Inquiry based science teaching, Differentiated Science 

      Classroom, Everyday Science

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months


    Social Studies

     »Creating effective and creative learning contexts:
       Strategies include:
       Teaching for understanding, Applying themes and Disciplines, Using Resources, Making Connections, Using Graphic Organizers, Differentiated Social Studies Classroom

    4 Sessions 12 hrs  3 Months


    Organizational Development Series

    Schools today are vastly different from their ‘two century old’ ancestors. Globalization and the digital revolution are heralding an era of ‘classrooms without boundaries’ threatening the teacher dominated iterative schooling format. Skyrocketing parental expectations and competition amongst schools demand greater efficiency and accountability from the school management and teachers, as never before!

    With the growing tendency to speak of education as a service industry and its members as customers, Quality Consciousness in Education has come to stay. This calls for a shift in perception and practice. Educational institutions are challenged to reorganize themselves to create environments that are based on Total Quality Management principles and to adopt best practices. A scientifically aligned Teaching – Learning and Resource Management System optimizes resources, promotes greater efficiency in teaching and ensures better learning.

    Therefore, in today’s environment, a well-designed, scientifically developed academic edifice that complements an infrastructure that would ensure the holistic development of students is critical for any school’s success!

    Be it a new beginning (school start-up) or school improvement, Osmosys® brings much value to the task on hand with training and expertise in Quality Systems and Audit.

    Osmosys® offers a series of Management,Quality Consulting and Audit programmes including consultancy for ISO 9000-2000



    *The duration of the programme may vary slightly depending on the focus and thrust on the list of deliverables.




    Organizational Development



    School Start Up - “From Soup to Nuts”

    Service range: School Conceptualization and Business Planning, Academic and Learning Infrastructure Design, Human Resources Development Accreditation & Affiliation, Academic Audits and other Ancillary Services.

    24 – 30 Months



    Academic Management - A Quality based Academic Structure

     » Development of a scientific & professionally managed

      curriculum that will include, effective outcomes based design

     and delivery of curriculum, robust and effective evaluation and

      practice, positive & collaborative organizational climate,

      individual student tracking & remedial teaching for performance


    6 Months



    Need Analysis Audit - Systems Audit

     » Alignment of School Vision, Course Design & School Resources

     » Identification of school needs and systemic gaps

     » Need Analysis Report

     » Recommendations: Development of School Improvement Plan

    4 Months



    Academic Audit - Audit parameters

    A qualitative & quantitative assessment of school operations with focus on

     » Curriculum description & coherence

     » Instructional Methodologies & Facilities

     » Teacher quality

     » Student Performance Assessment & Communication

     » Monitoring Structure - Design & Implementation

     » Staff and student retention  

    4 Months






    Organizational Development



    AQMS - Academic Quality Management System

     »Development of Policies & Processes, Process Controls & Documentation and Operating Plans to manage the process.

    Quality Objectives, are set for each year. The achievement of Quality Objectives becomes the target of the school administration and teachers. 

    6 - 8 Months


    QMS - Quality Management Services (ISO  Certification)

     » Setting up Management Tools for Internal Auditing & Monitoring (PDCA)

    4 Months