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English for Professional and Personal Development

Career development" is a buzz phrase in all professional arenas. No matter what the profession, it is important to keep current with new ideas, methods, technologies, research findings etc. The teaching profession is no exception. Teachers are key actors in maintaining and improving the quality of education.

In-service training programmes focus largely on core abilities, while competency in English language & communication, does not get much attention.

Let’s pause for a moment to understand the importance of quality communication skills with special emphasis on English.

English is the international language of news and information, diplomacy, the UN, business, trade and industry, research, science & technology, banking, computing, medicine, maritime communication and international air traffic control, tourism etc. Over the years, English has gained immense currency as the language of the world both for its cultural and utilitarian values. Simply put, the demands of living and working in global contexts requires our students to be proficient in English. English, in fact, is seen as a tool of progress and success.

Having good communication and English language skills will bring multiple benefits to teachers. They will be able to:
  • Effectively tap and use the immense store of knowledge on the web
  • Develop in their students good language and communication competencies that will in turn serve them well in their professional and personal contexts.
  • Keep pace with new developments in their chosen profession
  • Use with confidence the language of international communication
  • Use social media networks to share professional and socio-cultural interests with people across the world
While OsmoSCAPE offers programmes that strengthen the core function abilities of teachers, OsmoRize offers teachers an opportunity to hone their English language and communication skills.

Face to Face Training

Web Based Training



OSE-SS-001 How good is my English
» A diagnostic test for teachers- A diagnostic test that is designed to help teachers assess their English language skills.
1 hour
OSE-FS-002 English Language Competency
» A module designed to help understand the structure of the language and its nuances and built fluency in the language
120 hours
OSE-FS-003 Communicate @ work
» Communication Empowerment: Work based language & communication competencies for teachers
90 hours