“To establish Osmosys® as the valued partner that enables individuals and organizations to develop and express their resource potential”


Osmosys® commits itself with passion and sincerity to bringing about comprehensive and sustainable growth in individuals and organizations that serve the cause of education. Specifically, to help individuals and organizations:

To discover and define their core capabilities and to build systems and strategies for optimizing their potential
To become lifelong learners and to acquire new competencies
To become ‘Quality’ conscious and develop Quality thinking and continuous improvement capabilities
To improve upon their communication and team building strengths

Developing Human Resourcefulness

Developing Human Resourcefulness

Developing Human Resourcefulness

About Us

Decades ago, by tip toeing through long corridors during ‘rounds’ to see if the teachers were standing and teaching and if students were seated in disciplined quiet rows, School Principals could find out if ‘all was well’. Academic performance in Board exams too was another indicator. But many of these check points have shifted or disappeared altogether. Times are changing; rather, have changed. The 21st Century makes very different demands on its citizens.

Content Mastery



Critical Thinking


By failing to or choosing not to see the winds of change sweeping across the education scene, and following practices that are no longer relevant, schools are in danger of going the Rip Van Winkle way – into age long slumber!

Schools will have to go way beyond imparting mere subject- specific knowledge to remain relevant! They have to acquire new meaning and provide new contexts to serve their core purpose- that of preparing our youth to become responsible citizens and leaders of the future! The way forward is to put in systems that engender scientific, robust and enabling academic systems that take cognizance of curriculum standards, psycho-pedagogy, and the human-technology interaction of our ICT-infused societies. Classrooms dynamics and environment must reflect a learner focus which resonates with interactivity and student-led learning, where the teacher is a ‘guide at the side’ rather than a ‘sage on the stage’!

In this changing scenario, quality-based best practices which can establish industry standards and serve as quality benchmarks to schools is the only way to know how far the school is relevant ,efficient and true to its promise. If schooling is to be relevant to the times, school leaders, teachers including parents, have to change and revisit their attitudes and re-learn old skills anew. The deployment of resources, both physical and human, has to change to make ‘new age learning’ much more than a mere lip service.

Osmosys® Learning Products and Services , the brain child of Dr VasanthI Vasudev, is consulting company that provides an entire range of Learning Solutions that are geared to 21st century realties which cater to the learning needs of individuals, schools and organizations in the K- 12 space.

The 3 fold space:

The company’s products and services span the triangular space between three powerful nodes that are transforming schools and learning in the 21st century.

Redefining the way the human brain works and learns
Repository of knowledge and skills
Search for and practice of excellence
The 3 fold focus:

The Company strives to add value to in 3 ways

Value Added Services to all stake holders of organizations in the K-12 segment, to expand their horizons, discover, define and buildcore capabilities, and acquire new competencies.
Learning Products for individuals of all ages and organizations, which are contextualized to meet the emerging 21st century global needs.
Specific school design for new and existing schools with revenue models, infrastructure design, academic framework and curriculum, manuals and teacher tools.

Since its inception in 2004, Osmosys® has worked on numerous projects and assignments across the country. It has done substantial work on school design and in the setting of up schools; has provided consultancy for reputed schools on institutional design, curriculum development and psycho-pedagogy, and has provided innumerable professional development workshops for teachers. It has also developed learning materials in path-breaking pedagogies.

  • Osmosys® has worked with more than 100 schools and trained more than 10000 teachers across the length and breadth of the country, from Leh to the Cape and from Nagaland to Gujarat.

  • Osmosys® has developed over 35 books for Pearson Education, including several frontline series like IMAGES, and specialized learning products for Aloha India.

  • The Osmosys® spectrum of services presents a complete range of industry specific services backed by several years of intensive work experience. View more >>

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    P. Suresh, Principal, Golden Jubilee School - Jalna – Maharashtra
    Thank you for the training programme for teachers held in May – June 2004. The programme was very essential for us to give the teachers a better understanding the basics of teaching. The teachers have been able to understand and apply the training under the teacher development program conducted by you and Saraswathi. We look forward to another workshop to develop an understanding of some of the finer points of education…….

    Miss.Gadkari Archana – Golden Jubilee School Jalna
    Workshop on Teaching Management. Keep going on with same spirit for this program “Knowledge for Service” by enlightening the teachers.

    Ms.Bandida Mitchell – Golden Jubilee School Jalna
    Workshop-Teaching Management
    The Program dealt with all aspects of teaching required for a teacher in curriculum planning, classroom management, PTA and how to handle kids having different ability patterns. The integrity and passion provided by the resource teachers in encouraging teachers achieve the goals and objectives.


    Students Speak about Career Counseling – Pallikudam, Kottyam, Kerala

    “Career counselling has helped me become more focused on what to do in the future. It has been extremely helpful to me. I was very happy with the career choices as most of them were connected to subjects I enjoy.”
    Pooja Joseph - Std X

    “I thought it was good. I felt comfortable with the counsellors. They were able to identify exactly what fields I was interested in. So that left me with the fact that the decision I took was right.”
    Mamta Mathews - Std XI

    “I liked the counselling very much. I think that the options to choose have been narrowed down for me. At first I was confused as to what to take for my 11th and 12th. Now I know what to aim for! Thank you Vasanthi & Saraswathi Aunties!
    Susan Verghese - Std IX

    “I liked this counselling very much because before the counselling I had no clue of what I would take as my profession The counsellors gave me all the details of what my profession would be and what kind of professional I can become”.
    Micheal Tomy Kallivayalil –Std VIII


    Safeguarding Children from Sex Abuse
    In the news now is a spate of reports on instances of sex abuse, each one more horrifying than the other. Shocked, scared and worried about our children’s safety we need to strengthen our defences. We teach our children to cross a road, to keep away from fire and sharp things, at home etc. Can we teach them to be safe from abuse? Click on this link to read more about some basic safety rules for their protection.
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    We Cannot Train More Teachers, We Must Empower Them with Technology

    Let there be more teachers!!

    Having one full time, fully qualified teacher in front of every class of 25 children will raise the standards of education to the highest in any country.
    But is this really the solution? Is it feasible?

    A Times of India report indicates that India has one of the lowest teacher ratio, 456 teachers per million people. How many teachers would have to be recruited, trained, and send to schools? In sheer numbers, it is mind boggling.
    Can we really rely on training more teachers alone?
    Any attempt to improve education by increasing the number of teachers must prepare to recruit, train, and deploy new teachers in the numbers that they would be required; and this would require in turn an army of trainers and more time than we can afford. Technology to the rescue…………………….
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    Time and Space are no longer barriers to learning! Osmosys® offers a unique opportunity to teachers. Enhance your skills and careers through our virtual classrooms with online support and feedback.

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    Making an informed career choice –A Unique student counselling program using “Brain Based profiling”.>>